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Tree Top Racers
Tree Top Racers

Tree Top Racers

Photo uploaded by: Audrey

Tree Top Racers

Our latest and greatest coaster in the Adventure City line-up. Tree Top Racers is a "Wild Mouse" style ride made popular during the early to mid 1900's. What makes this ride unique compared to the coasters of today is that speed is not the main thrill factor. The exciting thrills on this ride are created by the tight switch-backs on the upper level that gives riders the illusion that they're going to tip right over the edge! This is followed by a series of big dips and tight turns and a dizzying spiral for the finale. Adult riders will surely enjoy a bit of nostalgia while riding. While the kids no doubt will be wide eyed from start to finish.

Minimum Age: none
Minimum Height: 42"

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Reviews of this Ride

"I think the Tree Top Racers is the best ride there! it is so fun and you are scared at the same time!"
- Alex

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